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  • William Prevor

Disney Magic Trip Report 2015

Hello everyone, I just got back from a seven day cruise on the Disney Magic! One thing that was shocking during my cruise was that Donald did not do a scheduled meet until day FOUR! Now lets get on with the report: Day 1: Sailing Away We entered the terminal and went through security etc. and met Minnie:

Then we entered the ship and roamed around. I found out that when the kids clubs have open houses you can take pictures, so we went into the Oceaneer's Club to take pictures:

Then we had the mandatory safety drill and went to the Adventures Away Deck Party:

After the Deck Party, we saw a few friends in the lobby. Pluto:


and Mickey:

Then we saw the All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin show and ate dinner at Lumieres. After dinner, we met Peter Pan:

Then it was time for bed.

Day 2: At Sea In the morning, we saw Sofia the First walking to her location:

Then we met Captain America at the Preludes:

Then we went to Goofy's World Records to see Goofy in his workout outfit:

Then we met Pluto and Goofy on Deck Four:

Later we met Stitch at the Gazebo by the pool:

Then Chip and Dale in the same place:

Later we met Mickey for formal night at the Preludes:

followed by Minnie:

plus Chip and Dale:

We did see Daisy roaming the ship a couple of times (Donald did not appear in his formal outfit the entire cruise):

Then we met Pluto and Goofy in their Formal attire on Deck Four:

We then went on a stroll with Chip and Dale:

Then we ate at Animators Palate, where we where surprised by Sorcerer Mickey! We followed him out and asked for a picture and he was more than willing to pose:

Then off to bed.

Day 3: Cozumel, Mexico We rode the Aquadunk in the morning and then went to meet Chip and Dale in the Lobby:

Then we saw some characters on a stroll in their tropical finest:

Then we met Daisy in the Lobby:

After we went to meet Captain Hook on Deck Four:

Then we met Stitch in the same location:

Then we went to the Mexican Fiesta dance party in D-Lounge:

We were a bit upset about Donald not meeting in this outfit so the character manager, who had been helping us with roaming characters and answering all of our questions, told us that just because of us, Donald will be roaming in his Mexican outfit later that evening. So later we met him on Deck 5 in his special outfit:

I just want to give a BIG thank you to Matthew the character manager for making this happen. Then it was off to bed.

Day 4: Grand Cayman This morning we heard Chip and Dale were out so we went looking for them...but it was hopeless. We thought that they probably went in but, as we got on the elevator to our room, we saw Chip and Dale greeting by the elevators on Deck 9:

Then we went on the Aquadunk again. We then went into the kids club open house to see Mickey during Mouseketeer training and we were able to take some pictures:

Then on the way to the next meet and greet, I noticed this great picture of my favorite character Roger Rabbit with his wife Jessica:

Then while I was waiting for Stitch, Mickey walked by:

Then I met Stitch in the Lobby:

Next, I went to meet Daisy since I had already met Donald in his tropical outfit, and as I arrived, I was able to get this great shot as they were switching out:

Then we met Daisy on Deck Four:

Then we went to meet Peter Pan and he was switching out with Stitch.

Then we met Peter:

Then Chip and Dale came out:

Then I met Goofy on Deck Four:

I saw Daisy on her way to meet some friends:

Then we went to meet Peter who was roaming again:

Finally, it was time for Donald's first assigned meet of the trip. Here's Donald in his sailor outfit meeting on Deck Four(he said hi to Pluto as they were switching out):

Then we saw the show Twice Charmed and ate dinner at Carioca's. After that it was once again time for bed.

Day 5: Falmouth, Jamaica We rode the Aquadunk and enjoyed an uncrowded ship, as we were in port, until it was time for Pirate Night which included Pirates Chip and Dale:

Pirate Stitch:

Pirate Mickey:

Pirate Minnie:

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee:

Then we went to the Pirates IN the Caribbean deck party to see Pirate Goofy, who does not do meet and greets in his pirate outfit:

Then it was off to bed.

Day 6; At Sea In the morning, we met Princess Minnie on Deck 4, Midship:

Then we went to Mickey's Puzzle Playtime in the Oceaneers Club during their open house:

Then we went to meet Daisy in her tropical finest, but first she said hello to Princess Minnie:

Then we met Donald in his tropical outfit:

Then we went to say hi to Captain America as he was leaving the Oceaneers Club:

Then after a little break, we went to the character dance party in the Lobby:

Then we went to meet Stitch at the Gazebo by the pool:

Then as we were waiting for Goofy, Daisy walked by:

Then we met Goofy at the Gazebo:

Then we went to see Mickey and Minnie in "Friendship Rocks!":

Then, for semi-formal night at the Preludes, we met Goofy:


and Mickey:

Then we saw "Disney Dreams: An Enchanted Classic" and went to bed.

Day 7: Castaway Cay

We were the first guests off the boat and we immediately went to get on line to meet characters, starting with Donald at the Post Office:

Next was Pluto at Mount Rustmore, who walked out with Mickey:

Chip and Dale, back at the Post Office:

Goofy back at Mount Rustmore:

Minnie on the beach:

Mickey, who said hi to Goofy as they switched out at Mount Rustmore:

and Stitch, at the Gangway:

We had a little break and then met Captain Jack Sparrow near the Post Office:

Then after some lunch at Cookies BBQ, we went to the character dance party which featured Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto. Then, after a break on the ship, we returned to Castaway Cay. We then we met Captain Hook across from the Gangway:

Then we said hi to Stitch as he was heading out to catch some waves:

Then after a break, we met Goofy on Deck 4, Midship:

Then we saw Mickey pass by so we got a quick picture:

Then we met Minnie in the Lobby:

Then, after relaxing for a long time, it was time for 'Til We Meet Again in the Lobby and Deck 4. Here are the characters:

See Ya Real Soon!

Thank you for reading this trip report. Keep reading 360 Degrees of Disney for more trip reports and news.

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