The parks are very important to The Walt Disney Company. They keep properties in the general conscience of consumers and are an important source of revenue.


Because the building of theme parks on this scale requires an investment of billions upon billions of dollars, the parks also distinguish The Walt Disney company placing on an elevated plane above any potential rival many companies can make a movie or TV show, few, indeed, can build anything similar to Walt Disney World. In some cases The Walt Disney Company owns the theme park outright, in other cases, it partners with local entities or public shareholders, in the case of Tokyo Disneyland the park is not owned by The Walt Disney Company at all! The Oriental land company owns and operates the park under a license from The Walt Disney Company.


Following Walt Disney’s original vision, the theme parks provide a venue in which families can enjoy the parks together and have experiences and make memories that they will cherish forever. This unduplicated experience bonds people to the Disney brand with memories that ensures they will cherish Disney forever and, very importantly, want to bring their own children and grandchildren back to experience the magic of Disney.

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