DisneyLive Shows is an overarching brand covering three types of live entertainment:   Disney On Ice, Disney Live! -- and the Broadway Productions. The touring shows, both On Ice and Live! are currently produced under a license to Feld Entertainment and the Broadway Shows are performed in the theatre district in Manhattan and elsewhere. It should be noted that Disney Junior Dance Party On Tour is produced by a different company. Why this is yet to be revealed. 


On Ice and Live! shows help keep Disney relevant in people’s lives, especially children. It allows live interaction with characters for children who may never get to a theme park or  do so only occasionally. The shows allow for engagement with many Disney stories and characters as follow-up or preview to seeing a Disney movie.


The Broadway shows provide another opportunity for Disney to utilize its intellectual property. Disney is renowned for producing shows of popular appeal and critical acclaim. In fact, as a producer, the Disney record of success far exceeds what is customary among producers.


Disney’s opening on Broadway also played an important role in the transformation of Times Square from a tawdry district of ill repute to safe and clean entertainment district attracting visitors from around the world. Disney shows are also credited with being an entry point to get young people turned on to live theatre, with many parents taking their children to a Disney show as their first Broadway experience.