• William Prevor

It's Time to Bring Meet and Greets Back!

Donald Duck's Pre-COVID meet and greet at Disney's Animal Kingdom

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every life on earth be it through the losses from the virus itself or the many lives that prevention measures throw off track. While the pandemic is still raging in countries around the world, in the United States there is a cautious sense of optimism as vaccinations continue to be given and deaths continue a new, steady decline. It has been well more than two weeks since the CDC issued the guidance that has led to the end of many mask mandates and other precautions, which is widely acknowledged as the time frame after which we often see the results of any particular point in time relating to COVID-19 cases. The US has seen a steady and significant decrease in cases as well as the metrics that are most significant, hospitalizations and deaths. Vaccines are clearly working as a near miracle to protect from COVID-19 and we would like to thank all the forces that contributed to their safe and speedy creation.

With the CDC guidance as well as the overwhelming evidence of the effectiveness of the vaccines, Disney in the United States has beg