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  • William Prevor

Villains Unleashed Trip Report

Hello everyone this is my Villains Unleashed trip report. All over the Internet you have probably heard many different reviews of this event most likely they were negative. We had a mostly positive experience. However, as you read this keep in mind we were in a large group, we only wanted to meet non-face characters, and that we ate no food all night. Let's Begin, I had predicted the event would be insanely crowded beforehand so we arrived just a little bit after Park opening. As soon as we got in, three of us ran to the Hämsterviel and Gantu line and one of us ran to Constantine. Then my brother and I left to go do stuff around the park. We meet Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope.

When we were done riding Rockin' Roller Coster for the second time in a row we were told that Hämsterviel and Gantu were going to be meeting separately! So we ran over to get on line. The rest of our day was basically standing in line for the characters. The only line that had formed was Hämsterviel and Gantu's line. Then, everyone held everyone's spaces in line as we all got our wrist bands. As that was happening it started pouring rain!!! But it blew over and by now it was about 7:00 pm and we find out Hämsterviel wasn't coming out till 9:00pm! So, my brother and I had some people save our spot in line and ran over to Constantine around 7:50pm then we saw the line was easily like 3 hours long. Luckily, we were second in line and the meet and greet was amazing one of the best meets I've had by a long shot next to meeting Berlioz and Toulouse at their debut and meet the Big Hero 6 on New Years Eve at their debut.

Then, we went back to our original line but my brother and I were walking around and saw Bowler Hat, Shan Yu, Gideon, Stromboli, and Foulfellow walk in. Then, the time had come we got back in line and we were first to meet the one the only Dr. Hämsterviel

Then, we went to see some walking around characters and we Saw Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John, Stromboli, Foulfellow, and Gideon

Then, it was about 9:30 and it was time for Gauntu. While we were in line we sent one friend over to the Hag's line.

Then, as we were going to meet the hyenas we saw Frollo

When we got to the hyenas line, which was surprisingly short, the Brer Villains were out and had no line so we said hello to our favorite Rabbit hunters.

Then, after some waiting we meet the Hyenas.

Then, we were a few people behind in the Hag line so we went over there and met her.

After we met the Hag we went over to Hades Hangout and meet Gov. Radcliff. Then, we saw Oggie Boggie's Freaky Fun House Show. Now, there were many different reviews and the show wasn't necessarily for adults like some think it was just a Disney show that didn't have anything special in it besides the Oggie parts. Often at Disney shows, you can't see anything like it except at Disney. You can see sword swallowers at every other magician show. Then we were tired so we left. (This was before we were really hard core also we had to leave the next morning) Thank you for reading this report. Keep reading 360 Degrees of Disney for more trip reports and news.

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