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  • William Prevor

Are Lilo and Stitch doomed?

The Lilo and Stitch franchise had already died back in 2006 with the cancellation of Lilo and Stitch: The Series. Although the Japanese series Stitch! was ongoing until 2015, it was never very popular anywhere besides Japan. Despite this, Lilo and Stitch have continued to be a very important part of the Walt Disney Company through merchandise, theme parks, and the cruise line. Whenever Stitch shows up in the parks, he is very popular and attracts a fair wait time. But without a franchise to support them, why would Disney keep them alive in the company? Well, this is because they can be easily implemented into any Hawaii or island themed setting, including, but not limited to, the Polynesian Resort, Alauni Resort, Disney Cruise Line, and the Paradise Pier Hotel. So as you can tell, Lilo and Stitch are still a very important part of Disney even though their films and television series have ended. So why do I say they are doomed?

Well Moana has just hit theaters, and it’s looking to be a big success with great reviews and general reception. With this movie’s release, Disney will want to fill their theme parks and cruise line with Moana. This means becoming the characters who represent all things Polynesian and tropical. Unfortunately, that will probably mean that Lilo and Stitch will fade out of popularity as Moana and Maui come to take their place. Disney will want them to appear all over the Alauni Resort and this will probably mean the highlight on Stitch will disappear.

Over in Walt Disney World, the Polynesian Resort character breakfast will likely change to a Moana theme kicking Lilo and Stitch out. Also, Disney's Spirit of Aloha show will likely become Mona's Spirit of Aloha show starring Moana and Maui. In California the Surf's Up! Breakfast with Mickey and Friends at PCH Grill will probably remove Stitch, with Moana replacing him or it could receive an overhaul becoming a Moana breakfast. In Disneyland Paris, the Summer Brunch will likely change to a Moana Brunch. In Tokyo Disneyland, Stitch and friends might stick around due to the fact that Tokyo Disney Resort is not owned by Disney. If Moana is popular in Japan, then they may have to share the spotlight with her, but I think in Tokyo they are relatively safe. In Hong Kong, they do not have a very large presence as it is but Disney's Explorer Lodge will be opening next year, and they would have been perfectly suited to have a large presence in. But Moana will probably be designed into the hotel's very core.

On the cruise lines, Lilo and Stitch have always been included due to their representation of summer, vacation, and tropical locations. With Moana taking this role, Lilo and Stitch will have to surf into the sunset. As for merchandise, Stitch has been very popular due to his cute and cuddly appearance. But Moana's pig Pua will easily fill that role. So as Disney Store stocks up on Moana merchandise, Stitch may get lost in the shuffle. So for you character fans, if you thought Angel and other Lilo and Stitch characters were hard to find, wait until Moana takes the parks by storm. Thank you for reading and keep visiting 360 Degrees of Disney for more trip reports, news, and predictions. Thank you for reading and keep visiting 360 Degrees of Disney for more trip reports, news, and predictions.

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